Social Media

Social Networking

Facebook & Twitter Business Pages
YouTube Channels
$150.00 with Web PackageIncludes setup, graphic design & installation
Additional services may be contracted:

List management apps
Configuration of 3rd party aps
Page Admin
Gaining fans and followers
Social ads & marketing campaigns
Social contests
Social Graphics & Photography
Aponi can help you vamp your social networking vehicles such as Twitter, Facebook & even YouTube. Most networks offer customization features so you can easily tie in your business look to numerous profiles, website and blog. Aponi Studios can help you get set up and show you how to effectively use the popular social network websites for your business or personal growth. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are used to promote your company and your name. You can focus on specific areas (geographic, demographic or otherwise) where you want to promote your business. Social networking sites allow unlimited access to millions of people. Profile customizations, such as Twitter or other networks, are priced reasonably per project, based upon components desired by each client. There are no monthly charges, as with many other similar service providers, unless you elect to contract for ongoing services.

Custom Blogs

$299.00 Stand-Alone
with Web Package

For years clients have asked if they could maintain their own websites. Now, by incorporating a Blog into your website package, it is possible to have your professionally built website with an area to post news, photos, events, sales, announcements, video and more. By having Aponi custom design your Blog to compliment the look of your website, the transition from website to Blog becomes seamless.

It has also become very popular to build entire websites within a blog by adding static pages.  This is a very functional and affordable option for many desiring to get their small business on the web, and a fun way to incorporate many of the useful tools that come with a blog across your entire site.

Blogs are also powerful tools for increasing search engine rankings, and notoriously excel over typical web pages in this capacity. Why? Search engine spiders tend to favor straight forward, text-oriented sites because they are looking primarily for text content to index. Additionally, pages which are active and updated often have a knack for gaining the attention of the search engine spiders. The more often you post on your Blog, using text again and again which will inevitably utilize unlimited potential keywords, the higher your site climbs in the search engine ranks. Brilliant!